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Exclisive body kit for Bentley

Elite Body Kit: Black Crystal for Ultra-Luxurious Bentley


Each detail of our kit is created with one goal in mind — to emphasize the individuality of these luxurious vehicles and visually enhance the power of their modern 4.0-LITRE TWIN TURBO V8 and 6.0-LITRE TWIN TURBO W12 engines.

Larte Design, a tuning studio, specializes in creating premium body kits that are handmade from 100% carbon and high-quality composite materials. We offer exclusive carbon fiber accessories to help you accentuate the uniqueness of your Bentley and add even more exclusivity to your vehicle.

Every detail of the Black Crystal body kit is meticulously designed and manufactured using advanced technologies and innovative solutions, ensuring you receive a product of the highest quality. This body kit not only gives your Bentley Bentayga a distinctive style but also highlights its elegance and individuality.

Choose exclusive carbon fiber accessories for your Bentley to complement its aesthetics and experience a sense of exclusivity every time you get behind the wheel. Our team is ready to offer you high quality and innovative solutions that will truly make your Bentley unique on the road.

Allow our Black Crystal body kit to accentuate the exclusivity of your Bentley and visually enhance its power.

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