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Created by the best craftsmen with attention to every detail.

Larte Design company.
Is celebrating its 10th anniversary!
Created by the best craftsmen with attention to every detail..




What is a body kit? White mercedes amg gle coupe 63 C167 carbon fiber body kit

What is a body kit?

In this blog post, we will discuss what body kits are, what they are used for, and the different types that are available


How much does a body kit cost? Described in the article below

Cost of Body Kits: How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

Explore the factors that influence body kit pricing, from materials and brand quality to additional costs. Get insights on average price ranges and best tips.





Cadillac Escalade with body kit

Cadillac Escalade review

In this blog post, we will show the body kit custom designd by Larte Design for the full-size SUV Cadillac Escalade.


Custom body kit infiniti q30

Design kit for the modern INFINITI Q30. Attention to Strengths

Update your car’s look with Infiniti Q30 body kit by LARTE Design. Make your vehicle different from the other millions on the road by adding a personal touch. We provide installations at Authorized Service Centers


Buy body kit for INFINITI Q60 Sport Red

New record with restyling package for INFINITI Q60 from LARTE Design

Handcrafted carbon accessories will make your vehicle look extraordinary. The tuning kit includes exclusive carbon grille, front and rear bumpers, LED lights and more. We install kits at Authorized Service Centers


Buy body kit 2024 for Maserati Ghibli Modena 4dr White Exterior

A restyled version of the Italian Maserati Ghibli sedan : it's an elegance in every line

LARTE Design studio offers a luxurious Maserati Ghibli body kit. The styling parts are handcrafted, lightweight, and durable. We provide worldwide shipping and prompt installation


job opening at the LARTE Design company

We Are Hiring a Head Designer

Respond to a new job opeping at LARTE Design! We are looking for a talented and creative Head Designer.

White Infinity with body kit

New design project for the luxury INFINITI QX60

Impressive design, smooth shapes, aggressive look. Our team created a body kit to boost your SUV appearance and aerodynamics


Los Angeles Auto Show

LARTE Design - LA Autoshow

LARTE Design presented spectacular tuning projects at the autotuning exhibition in Los Angeles


Larte Design team

LARTE Design has produced - 10,000 parts

The LARTE Design manufactory produced ten thousand parts for tuning kits. Bodywork components are craft produced to deliver the highest quality


Sema show logo on the building

Presentation of LR3 Project for the INFINITI QX80 at Las Vegas SEMA Show

LARTE Design presented LR3 kits for the INFINITI LR3 and INFINITI QX60 at the biggest SEMA Show in Las Vegas



Mercedes Benz V class body kit with carbon fiber accessories

Presentation of the Black Crystal design project for the Mercedes-Benz V class in Geneva

The international tuning studio LARTE Design developed a unique body kit Black Crystal for the luxury Mercedes-Benz V-Class minivan


Tesla model S carbon fiber body kit

Presentation of Elizabeta Design Project for Tesla Model S in Monaco

The international tuning studio LARTE Design presented the new design of the TESLA MODEL S Elizabeta electric car at the Monaco Automobile Exhibition


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