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Stylish body kit for Tesla  

Dress up your Tesla Model S P85D with the luxurious Elisabeta body kit from Larte Design and feel the elegance of electric power!

Innovative Elisabeta design for a progressive electric car from Larte

Upgrade the appearance of your Tesla Model S with the Elisabeta body kit from Larte Design, made from premium materials such as basalt fiber and carbon. Each component of the Elisabeta body kit was carefully designed and developed by our designers and engineers to create a stunning visual effect.

Every detail is a work of art, handmade by Larte Design craftsmen taking into account all the features of the Tesla Model S . The fasteners and materials of the body kit are TUV NORD certified, ensuring product safety and reliability.

Order custom tuning for Tesla Model S 85D Electro AT Pearl white 2023

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