Presentation of the Black Crystal design project for the Mercedes-Benz V class in Geneva

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Project history

This unique tuning kit features brand new front and rear bumpers made out of composite materials and carbon, and the front bumper even includes a pair of inlaid crystals, hence the name. Another interesting addition comes in the form of fog lights with dual LED daytime running lights, but we shouldn’t leave out the brand’s logo – a horseshoe that sits proudly at the middle of the front grille. Inside, exquisite leather elements and a plethora of amenities make sure that the driver and passengers are treated like VIPs. We’re talking minibars, comfort seats, advanced lighting systems, state-of-the-art electronics and advanced communication systems


The addition of special side sills help to connect the front and rear bumper pattern and, importantly - allow the interior space of the doorway to always stay clean!

The logo LARTE

The grille is decorated with a logo with a branded horseshoe Studio, as a symbol of good luck and amulet,perfectly fit into the overall design concept of the car business.

Additional LED optics

Fog lights dual optical element included with the standard option of the company, LED running lights.

Swarovski crystal

The front bumper is inlaid with two SWAROVSKI crystals, symbolizing the name of the tuning package. Immenno crystal served as the basis for creating a sketch of the design of this car.