Rolex Monterey Reunion rally

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Project history

This time the drivers from England, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and many other cities and states of the USA met on the track. Each participant was full of enthusiasm and inspiration. This is a great chance to feel the spirit of the competition from inside, to be for a short time in the skin of a real racer, to feel the spirit of rivalry, to smell the soot and exhaust of racing cars, to delve into the motor. That is almost the children's joy and incredible delight was felt even by those who come to the finish in the last rows. In America, such events are jokingly called "Big Boys Toys" The most pleasant prize for yourself - if you took part in all races of your car category, and complete all laps. Certainly flattering, if you are also the first. But this is not the most important thing, and those who came the last - are not judged here!


Sunday, August 20th - was the final day and there were two rounds - at 11 am and 3:30 pm. Edmond came to the finish line, having successfully completed all 10 laps, tired, but inspired by his participation and support of LARTE, his team and friends. And the winner of the race Monterey Rolex 2017 was Peter Talbot. He is the 87 years old man and he did participate in this race exactly 60 times.


The Quantum is literally a unique car. its a 1963 year race car, besides its almost the only one in the world with such a working engine: three cylinders and two injections. While other cars are usually equipped with a standard 4-cylinder 4-stroke engine, the volume of 1100 cubes, - Mr.Edmond's car uses a 3-cylinder 2- stroke SAAB engine, the volume of only 940 cubic meters.