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A restyled version of the Italian Maserati Ghibli sedan : it's an elegance in every line

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Ghibli GranSport _Ghibli GranSport _Ghibli GranSport _
Ghibli GranSport _Ghibli GranSport _Ghibli GranSport _
New carbon accessories for Maserati Ghibli give elegance and confidence to the image of the car. The kit includes: splitter, difuzor, spoiler on the trunk. Specialists LARTE Design transformed the famous Italian sedan and gave it more sophistication.

Tuning kit available. 2 year warranty.
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How to get products by LARTE DESIGN

  • Choose the tuning kit

  • Contract

    We will prepare a contract and issue an invoice for a payment matter. Our Sales Department requires 50 % deposit of the total amount to submit your requests.  

  • Preparation and painting process

    After we receive your deposit, production will begin. Parts would be getting ready for painting in a matching color, if needed.

  • Packing process

    When the painting process completed and all the parts are totally dry, we carefully pack them for safety transportation.

  • Shipping

    We expect to receive the full payment before shipping. Then we will schedule a pickup with reliable freight company to guarantee you a prompt delivery to the destination address.

  • Installation

    At the point, when you finally received your order, you may arrange an installation process at the local workshop at your own choice, or request an installation with our authorized technician.